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PUZZLE X is strategically co-located with the world leading event for smart cities: The Smart City Expo World Congress. With over half of the world’s population now living in cities, there is a growing synergy between urban innovation and materials technologies in core areas such as mobility, energy, recycling, IOT, healthcare and infrastructure. PUZZLE X have designed a multi-disciplinary program, VIP tours and curated showcases to highlight materials technologies for the Smart City Expo audience and stakeholders.
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What are frontier materials?

Frontier Materials are materials at the bleeding edge of science, innovation and development. Each decade, century, era of humanity is marked by the Frontier Materials of that era. Three thousand years ago, bronze was a Frontier Material, as was steel 200 years ago, polymers 70 years and silicon 50 years ago. As Frontier Material research and development progresses and they become more commonplace, they move towards the classification of legacy materials with an established supply chain and with a slower innovation and R&D trajectory. The Frontier Materials are the building blocks of the future and at the intersection of each era, they offer us the elements, tools, capabilities and power to mould and shape the technological trajectory and define human civilization, shape of society and human "life".

The question is:

What are the Frontier Materials of the 21st Century and how will they transform industries, create new ones and change the shape of human life in the next few decades?





matterverse to metaverse

5G (Future G) & Sentient cities

semiconductor: the New wave

Transcending biology

Architecting tomorrow

exotic computing

Sustainable future

Smart Cities x Frontier tech

What topics are curated for you?

PUZZLE X strategic co-location with Smart City Expo is designed to take a deep dive into the potential of Frontier Materials in building the cities of the future with next generation of technologies that will gear us towards smarter and more sustainable spaces for humanity to thrive.

Some of the topics and verticals that will be discussed during the 3-day program are:


Autonomous vehicles
Optimal city mobility and mapping
Smart signaling
Congestion management
Hyperloop, Drones
Supercapacitor EVs that store energy
Smart lampposts for WiFi and EV charging

Health & sanitation

Sewage water into drinking water
Pandemic prevention
Self-cleaning surfaces
Water filtration
Bespoke medicine


Low-cost energy
Renewable sources
Energy-saving street lights
Integrated domestic energy
Smart windows that convert light into energy
Wind turbine lampposts

Smart buildings

3D-printed buildings
Vertical gardens
AI-enabled sensors
Enabling connectivity
Facial recognition smart door locks
Harvesting energy from walking on floors


Carbon circularity
Pollution management
Tracking and reusing building materials
Smart waste bin sensors
Convert plastic into graphene


Ultimate connectivity
Signaling greenery
Pollution monitoring
Road life-span monitored with sensors
Smart weather adaptations
Are you interested in visiting PUZZLE X while you are at SCEWC?
Due to Covid restrictions, the seating capacities are limited, please register your interest here so that we can reserve your place!

Smart city Expo Attendee sessions

A journey curated just for you

PUZZLE X have curated specially-designed sessions for those interested in the use of Frontier Materials in smart cities. By bridging the gap between materials deep tech innovation and the world we live in, we can solve the biggest challenges in our cities for a more sustainable future.

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PUZZLE X 2022 Missions

How can Frontier Materials enable our collective vision for 2030?

Each year PUZZLE X  focuses on 4 Missions and 4 SDGs , diving deep into analyzing, debating, and showcasing how Frontier Materials development, industries, technologies, and products will impact and expedite our progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the missions selected for 2022 is SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Frontier Materials X Sustainable cities

Reimagining stakeholder engagement in dynamic physical tracks in partnership with Smart City Expo World Congress. Focusing on topics such carbon circularity, IOT, recycling, sanitation innovation

1 . Mobility by Materials design

2 . Smart Building | Building smart

3 . can't change people. Let's change materials

Frontier Materials X Climate action

A series of thought provoking debates, fireside chats and viewpoints diving deep into the "carbon" role, light weighting and fuel reduction, carbon capture and the heavy price of data and supercomputing

1 . Carbon... NOT the enemy!

2 . Energy Reimagined

3 . The price of that "click"

Frontier Materials X Industry, innovation

Engaging industry leaders on topics such as smart materials for smart connected building, the next leap in manufacturing with nanomaterials and materials innovation enabling space exploration

1 . ultimate connectivity. The dream

2 . space race | A materials tale

3 . manufacturing => It is all about materials

Frontier Materials Good health

An inspiring curation of discussions, panels, showcases focusing on Frontier Materials advances in ultra precise machine-brain interfaces, implants and next-gen sensors and diagnostics

1 . Brain. Body. Interface. Go!

2 . Pandemic | Materials to the Defense

3 . Robotics. Bionics. New wave