puzzle x ventures

The first Ventures builder and incubation program dedicated to creating real solutions in the industry based on Frontier Materials from universities and research centres.
PUZZLE X Ventures  incubates scientific technologies to get real market applications, focusing on the identification and business development of highly disruptive solutions that have a potential to resolve sectorial challenges defined by corporations.It’s the first Ventures builder and incubator exclusively focused on Frontier Materials.
PUZZLEX Ventures in a nutshell
The programme uses an agile adaptation of The Collider methodology, a successful technology transfer Ventures builder, based on 7 steps:
1) Identifying the sectorial challenges by corporations and industry experts
2) Scouting prominent technologies in the most relevant scientific organizations
3) Analysing them through an investment-like due diligence
4) Selecting the ones which fit best for the programme in an admission committee
5) Incorporating the startups (if needed)
6) Investing and providing the incubation services to the startups of the programme
7) Further helping startups growing as part of our portfolio
are you a frontier material scientist?
If you are a scientist with a disruptive Frontier Materials non-transferred project or an already incorporated spinoff willing to explore it as solution in an industry, join PUZZLE X Ventures to accelerate your way to the market.

Three criteria to be eligible for the programme:
- TRL 4-7 with PoC already tested in the lab
- Patented or in process of protection
- Support of the research group and TTO to join the programme
**Only applicable to scientific projects

If the project or spinoff is selected to join the PUZZLE X Ventures programme, it will be part of The Collider startups portfolio and receive the following services (boxes):
- Investment up to 100K€, joining The Collider portfolio
- Mentors and industry experts to help you access the market and find the right use case
- Entrepreneur recruitment to build your balanced scientific-business team and lead your access to the market
- Access to the PUZZLE X ecosystem of Frontier Materials companies, scientific institutions, investors and support organizations around the world
- Connection to corporations to validate the technology and execute pilots in real environments
- Visibility in media and events to generate awareness and connect with relevant players
Activities and resources
PUZZLE X Ventures Summit 2022 | 21st June 2022 in DFactory, Barcelona
This hybrid summit will connect science to market, offer to demand, facilities to companies in the shiny new industrial innovation center DFactory of Zona Franca Barcelona. The programme will include the Admission Committee of the programme where the startups or scientific projects for the PUZZLE X Ventures will be selected.
Find here more information soon.

PUZZLE X Industry Challenges Report 2022 (Download Below)
The report with the main sectorial challenges (Agri-Food, Health, Cleantech, others) defined by corporations in the PUZZLE X Ventures. These challenges serve as the basis for scouting of technologies in the Ventures builder programme.
PUZZLEX Industry Challenges Report 2022.pdf
Are you a Frontier Materials corporation?
PUZZLE X Ventures creates the first hub of innovation activities to connect offer and demand, scout and incubate hand-selected scientific projects from all over the world that will feed into your R&D and sustainability goals and targets.

There is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront building a global hub for Frontier Materials + SDG’s in the vibrant city of Barcelona. PUZZLE X can provide not only get unrivaled positioning, maximum exposure and visibility at the PUZZLE X Flagship event in November, but also obtain year around status and whiteglove service highlighting their leadership and commitment to the city, sustainability and to Deep Tech for the betterment of humanity.
For more information or any other inquiry please contact Ventures@puzzlex.io