Puzzle X 2023: The revolutionary power of exponential tech

PUZZLE X, the world's most electrifying event for Exponential Tech brought together 3000 stakeholders from 64 countries in Barcelona featuring eminent speakers like Sir Roger Penrose, Dr. Bill Phillips, Dr. George Church, Sir Robin Saxby exploring the boundaries of Deep Science and the future!

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the diverse tapestry of the world's brightest minds

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A Global Gathering of the Exponential Technologies & Deep Science Leaders, innovators, decision makers and change creators all coming together to showcase the pieces of the future that is possible today

welcome to the world's leading exponential technology & Deep science event

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Step into the vibrant world of PUZZLE X & Experience the energy and excitement of it all over again!

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Empowering you with entering the Age of Exponential Technologies, we've made Puzzle X's transformative keynotes available, inviting you to relive the experience.

25o speakers | 6 themes

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The World’s Brightest Minds:
Industry Leaders, Scientific Luminaries, Nobel Laureates, Technologists, and Policymakers

25o speakers | 6 themes

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A Visual Journey through PUZZLE X 23 electrifying topics

the diverse tapestry of the world's brightest minds

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A Global Gathering of the Exponential Technologies & Deep Science Leaders

Extending Horizons: PUZZLE X Experience

New immersive concepts & Experiences

PUZZLE X transcends traditional event boundaries, offering an immersive tapestry of experiences that extend far beyond the main stage.

Open letter to the UN to pass the IYQ2025 resolution

Quantum assembly

On Nov 9, The city of Barcelona witnessed a historic gathering, as PUZZLE X hosted the first-ever Quantum Assembly.  The one-day “Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly” provided a crucial platform for discussing key topics relevant to the United Nations, including UNICEF and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The assembly aimed to present the collective voice and recommendations of the quantum ecosystem and industry, paving the way for the passing of the IYQ2025 Technology and Science Day. The assembly concluded with a ceremonial signing of an open letter to the United Nations, urging the passing of the IYQ2025 resolution.

Deep Technologists & Future Scientists present

Science spark

PUZZLE X opened the door to Ph.D. students and postdocs to present their latest discoveries at the “PUZZLE X Science Spark E-poster Presentation” stage with a 3-minute lightning pitch and a chance to win $1,000 as well as being featured as a rising star in MRS and also interviewed on-site by PUZZLE X media partners!

PUZZLE X 23 went beyond an event and created an ecosystem to bridge the gap between academia and industry providing young scientists the opportunity to communicate their scientific research in a non-traditional way to some of the international leading figures in science and industry who were attending the session.

vibrant ecosystem for international collaborations and technological advancements

made in

For the very first time, PUZZLE X 23 created a dedicated track to portray the excellence of science and technology in Catalonia.

The world’s first quantum bartender

h bar

PUZZLE X 23 debuted a new concept “hbar” blending exponential technology, creativity & world-renowned thought leadership, and speakers in an immersive experience simulating the atmosphere of a neighborhood bar where world-leading speakers can interact with the audience in a new way by standing behind the bar and serving drinks while engaging in an intriguing conversation about their expertise and journey.

The world’s first quantum bartender! Working with Quside, a spin-off of ICFO and a quantum random number generator, you would be able to order a truly random beer chosen for you by a quantum machine!

new immersive concepts & experiences

neon observatory

Neon Observatory is a fusion of form and function, integrating advanced data analysis and human connection.

A staggering  1500 stakeholders actively contributed their insights, ideas, and analyses on cutting-edge topics including Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Genetics, and DNA studies. The NEON Observatory embodied an interactive portal for integrating advanced data analysis and human connections, transcending conventional data collection methods, offering the PUZZLE X collective a unique and sensorial journey that goes beyond mere observation.

growing passion for expanding the future with exponential ideas

gen-z spark

For the very first time, in Collaboration with The Knowledge Society and Mschools PUZZLE X is welcoming the voice of Gen Z to bring a fresh, vibrant, new perspective to the discussions of deep technology and the pieces of the puzzle that make our future.
PUZZLE X 23 unveiled an opportunity for young bright minds to present their school project at PUZZLE X Spark Stage in front of academic heads, industry leaders, and government officials!
Among the topics presented at the Gen-Z Spark stage are nanotech, hydrogel technology, AI, microglia in Alzheimer's disease, the underpopulation problem, new methods of encryption, and more.

where inventive brilliance and colLaborative synergy take shape

Puzzle x Symbiosis lab

PUZZLE X inspires the art of creation and fosters a space, where visionaries from diverse fields converge to ignite collaborative projects. PUZZLE X Symbiosis Lab presented an experiensive work at PX23, originating from creative synergy and transformative ideas.

BIOWAVES - The artist Solimán López in collaboration with PUZZLE X, Cache DNA, and Twist Bioscience introduced an innovative concept that bridges human and natural heritage. This artistic creation is based on the recorded brainwaves of the exceptional minds featured at PX23.