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E-posters where PhD students, post docs and early career researchers can give a 3 min lightning talk on the spark stage!

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Future Leaders of The Matterverse
In Collaboration with Materials Research Society (MRS) & Anasori Lab at Purdue university

Are you an early career Scientist, PhD, graduate student or Post doc in Deep Tech or Frontier Materials?

Do you want to present your scientific research to leaders in academia, industry and government to advance your career?

For the first time, in collaboration MRS, PUZZLE X is inviting early-career Deep Tech scientists and graduate students with notable research  to present their work at the interactive Spark Stage E-Poster session during PUZZLE X global forum Nov 7-9 in Barcelona.

The purpose of the "Spark Science" E-Poster Session is to bridge the gap between academia and industry and provide young scientists the opportunity to communicate their scientific research in a non-traditional way to some of the leading figures in science and industry who will be attending the session.
This is a unique chance to present your scientific work outside of the academic circles and communicate with decision makers that can provide you with insight, partnership and career opportunities.

The 1st place winners of the Science E-poster session will receive $1000 prize and will be featured as MRS Future Leaders in 2024.

Who are PUZZLE X Speakers & stakeholders?

Every year PUZZLE X brings together world renowned scientists and researchers and industry leaders to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Among PUZZLE X speakers:

- Sir Kostya Novoselov | Nobel Laureate in Graphene, Professor at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, NUS

- Dr. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero | Professor of Physics, MIT
- Dr .William Daniel Phillips | Nobel Laureate in Laser Cooling, NIST Fellow

- Dr. Yury Gogotsi | Distinguished Professor and Director, A.J Drexel Nanomaterials Institute at Drexel University

- Dr. Hiroshi Ishii | Associate Director, MIT Media Group and Head, Tangible Media Group

- Dr. Vladimir Falko | Professor and Director, National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester

- Dr. Andrea C. Ferrari | Professor of Nanotechnology at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

- Dr. Antonio Castro Neto | Distinguished Professor at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, NUS

- Dr. Babak Anasori | Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Purdue University

- Andres De Leon | CEO, Hyperloop TT

- Dr. Pablo Rodriguez | Director at CTO office, Google X

- Sir Robin Saxby | Founder, Ex- CEO, President, Executive Chairman at ARM

- Dr. Chema Alonso | Chief Digital Officer, Telefonica

- Carles Navarro | Managing Director of BASF Spain , BASF

Why apply?

-You have the unique opportunity to present your work to leaders in the Industry and Academia and the Policy/Decision Makers in the Government, all in a single place.

- PUZZLE X is one of the most prestigious forums in the world given the caliber of people who are part of PUZZLE X. From Noble Laureates, leading professors from Universities like MIT, Harvard, NUS etc., to CEO’s of prominent influential Deep Tech Companies to Mayors and Senate Members from the Government. This kind of gathering is rare and to be able to present your work to such a crowd is not a opportunity you get anywhere else.

- The 1st winner of the Science Spark E-Poster session will receive $1000 prize and will be featured as MRS Future Leader in 2024!

endorsed by Materials research society (MRS)

PUZZLE X is a MRS-endorsed event by "Materials Research Society".
The Materials Research Society (MRS) is the largest global organization dedicated to advancing materials science and engineering. With members from academia, industry, and government from 90 countries, MRS promotes interdisciplinary research through conferences, journals, and educational resources.

PUZZLE X collaboration with MRS, one of the most reputable scientific associations in materials research creates a strong trusted bridge between the world of science, and the world of industry, investment and policy.  During PUZZLE X You will be able to interact with leading scientists, industry leaders, and innovators in Frontier Tech and many members of MRS.
The future Deep Tech & Deep Science and research happens when world class thought leaders convene, co-create and collaborate. During the E-Poster session, the impact of your research is amplified and communicated to a global audience and that's a common goal among many scientific organizations.

- As a part of the collaboration with MRS, the top 3 winners of the PUZZLE X E-Poster "Science Spark" will be featured as MRS "Future Leaders" in 2024.

- All applications submitted before October 15, 2023 will be considered for the Future Leaders  Awards.  

topics of interest?

- Energy storage
- 2D Materials (Graphene, MXenes)
- Bioelectronics, sensors and wearables
- Structural building materials
- Quantum phenomena (Computing, sensing, communication)
- Optical sensors and detectors
- Printed electronics
- Biofuels and biomaterial
And more Deep Tech fields

Who can apply?

PhD Students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Deep Tech Fields
Post Doctoral Fellows
Early Career Research Scientists
In special cases with proven research record:  Masters & Bachelors Degree Students

Winners of E-poster

A multi disciplinary panel of judges from academia professors and senior scientists, industry leaders, deep tech entrepreneurs and investors will attend your  
E-Poster presentation at the Spark Stage and they will select 3 winners.

- The 1st place winner will receive $1000 prize!
- The winners will be announced on Nov 8
- The winners will be invited to attend the award session
- The winners will be interviewed onsite and the interview will be circulated on multiple platforms
- The winners will be invited to the PUZZLEX VIP reception
- The 3 most promising E-Posters will be named as Future Leaders and will be featured by the Materials Research Society as PUZZLE X award winners in 2024

E-Poster format | 3 min lightning talks

- You will have the unique opportunity to present your research to peers in the Scientific Community, Leaders in the Industry, and the Policy and Decision Makers in the Government.

- PUZZLE X “E-Poster” Presentation encourages you to reimagine traditional scientific poster presentations for this digital age by using digital graphical means to make people from every walk of life understand the intricacies involved at the frontier of scientific research.

- You will have 3 MINUTES and a maximum of 10 SLIDES in your Presentation to showcase your research.

- Explain the WHY, HOW and WHAT of your research. Tell us the story of WHY your research will benefit the world in the future, HOW your research will shape the technologies of the future, and WHAT did you do to make that technology happen.

-Include Images, Videos, GIFs, Small demos of your working systems or whatever you want to show people, to make the presentation truly unique, truly yours, and give everyone a glimpse into the future of frontier science through the eyes of a deep tech researcher.

How to apply?

- Submit your application using the form below. * DEADLINE:  Oct 15th
- PUZZLE X team will review your application. All selected applicants will be notified within 2 weeks.
- You will then be given the guidelines to prepare your E-Poster to be presented in person in Barcelona.
- You will have to submit your finalized E-Poster by October 15.
- You will present your E-Poster at the PUZZLE X Spark Stage in Barcelona.
- Judges will select the winners of the E-Poster Session.
- The winners will be interviewed onsite.

Guidelines For Submission of Abstract:

The abstract should be around 100 words. In a concise way, you need to explain your research and how it relates to the world:
- Start with 2-3 sentences on the gap/question you are trying to answer (Why did you do it?).
- Followed by a few sentences on your approach and method (What and How did you do it).
- Then describe your findings/solutions, and finish the abstract with 2-3 sentences on how your research relates to the bigger picture and benefits the world.

* Note: The applications are selected based on how well the research is communicated to a cross-discipline as well as a non-scientific audience. The Science Spark E-Poster session is an initiative to bridge the gap between Complex Deep Science and Industry & society. Submitting the abstract of your paper or your research without tailoring it to a general audience will disqualify you.

Bonus: All applicants will be invited to attend PUZZLE X networking session with Frontier Tech leaders from global scientific institutions, industry leaders, materials innovators, government officials and more.

Bonus: All applications submitted before October 15, 2023 will be considered for the Future Leaders Awards.