PUZZLE Makers & Advisors

What's the power behind PUZLE X?
A group of visionary thought leaders, movers & shakers and puzzle makers with over 1000 years of cumulative experience in Frontier Tech and science

At PUZZLE X, our goal is to create one of the most unique programs in Frontier Tech. Each talk, showcase and track is meticulously curated and crafted to tell a story that are then weaved into a cohesive and impactful novel that tells the story of frontier tech in the MATTERverse. The Stellar advisors of PUZZLE X are behind this magic.

PUZZlE X Advisory Council

Sir Kostya Novoselov

Nobel Laureate

Markus Pflitsch

CEO and Founder

Terra Quantum AG
Dr. Vladimir Falko

Professor & Director of National Graphene Institute

University of Manchester
Dr. Hiroshi Ishii

Associate Director

MIT Media Lab
Dr. Daniel Crespo


Dr. Eduard Alarcon

Professor & IEEE Vice President TA CAS

UPC BarcelonaTech
Dr. Carmen G. Almudever

Distinguished Researcher

Universitat Politècnica de València
Soraya Hidalgo

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Institutional Fundraising

Ben Nott


Blanco Architecture & Design
Marielle van de Pol

Quantum Computing Leader

Dr. Ricardo Enriquez

Quantum Lead

Ramon Betolaza

Senior Advisor

BP Energy Partners
Joaquin Serra

Vice President

Natura Bisse

Exotic Computing Track Advisors

Dr. Rodrigo Menchaca


AIS Channel
Hon Weng Chong

Founder & CEO

Cortical Labs