February 15, 2023

🤝PARTNER POWER! Damm Business Impact Challenge 

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⭐PUZZLE X partner Damm is releasing a challenge !

To the attention of the PUZZLE X global community: through its open innovation platform LAB1876, Damm launches the Business Impact Challenge.

An initiative that seeks startups with innovative digital solutions that respond to one of these challenges:

How can we improve the ability to trace and measure key information in the supply chain of sourcing raw materials, materials and consumables in the food industry?

How can we boost the energy self-sufficiency of Damm's food industry through low environmental impact energies?

📝 Registrations open until March 20 through the platform: https://lnkd.in/eFCweG5i

Don't miss the opportunity to make a real pilot with Damm!

PUZZLE X partnerships are created so that together with like-minded organizations and partners we can bring together pieces of the puzzle that can make a more sustainable and prosperous future with frontier tech!

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