A unique pitching session
Pitch your Deep Tech Company & Technology
To international investors, VCs & funds

Are you a startup looking for investment?
Are you an entrepreneur needing capital to launch your new idea?
Are you a research team with IP and a prototype ready for commercialization?
We have created an investor pitch session that is designed just for you.

In partnership with Lotus Partners & Peach Score (World's first FICO score for startups) PUZZLE X is organizing a unique pitch session tailored for Frontier and Materials Deep Tech startups. Don't miss this vibrant opportunity to engage with leading investors, VCs and funds in sunny Barcelona!

For more information or help contact pitch@puzzlex.io  

What is X-PITCH™?

X-Pitch is the first dedicated start-up event to highlight innovations in Frontier Technologies & Materials Deep Tech. Though a unique process & in partnership with "Peach Score", X-Pitch  streamlines the investor/startup engagement tailored specifically for Frontier Materials & Materials Deep Tech companies.

This 2-hour session is specially curated to give startups the opportunity to pitch their technology in front of an international panel of investors US to Europe and Asia. Selected startups will have the opportunity to give a brief pitch + a 3-minute Q&A. In addition, startups can engage directly with investors at the a 1-hour networking session where all startups attending PUZZLE X can connect with investors, find new leads and gain maximum exposure.

A unique pitch session |
Redefining the investor/startup engagement

In a strategic partnership announced in 2022, PUZZLE X and Peach score will collaborate to organize the X-pitch in Barcelona on Nov 7.

What is Peach score?
Peachscore is the world’s first credit scoring system for founders.
Now with one score, any startup can be considered for venture funding or other critical resources needed to grow. Millions of early-stage businesses such as startups are left out due to gaps in traditional evaluation systems. Establishing credibility with investors and other stakeholders as a startup is very difficult, time consuming, and costly.  Peachscore can be used to signal your strength and directly connect with 300+ investors, banks, and corporations on the platform to close your round or potential customers 10x faster. To formulate your Peachscore, the engine analyzes your company across 14 different dimensions including founding team, product, competitive landscape, market opportunity, competitive landscape, structure and financing, and more.
The analysis will comes with a fully automated 15-20 page business intelligence report to show your startup how you stack up against companies of your size in your industry and what areas can be improved and how.

This methodology will be used to streamline the investor/startup evaluation and engagement at the X-pitch session in Barcelona.

How to Apply?

1• Fill out the pitch form before June 1st.
2• PUZZLE X team will review your application and get back to you.
3• The top 10 applications will be invited to obtain a PeachScore
4• The selecetd 10 startups with a Peach Score will pitch live at PUZZLE X global event in Barcelona on Nov 16. And be invited to the investor/startup networking event.

Application deadline: June 1st. To allow time for processing, submit your application as soon as possible. Spots are limited.