puzzle x private stakeholder sessions, workshops and co-creation programs

Stakeholder sessions

"5G & FUTURE g" stakeholder session


Nov 16 | 3:30-5:30 PM | C.C.1.4

Closed-door dialogue among government, industry and academic leaders on the roadmap for the 5G and Future G development.

"Quantum" stakeholder session


Nov 16 | 1:00-3:00 PM | C.C.1.4

Closed-door dialogue among government, industry and academic leaders on the roadmap for quantum development.

"sEMICONDUCTORS" stakeholder session


Nov 15 | 3:30-5:30 PM | C.C.1.4

Closed-door dialogue among government, industry and academic leaders on the roadmap for semiconductor and microelectronics development.


"Building an Innovation Powerhouse"
wORKSHOP & Book launch


Nov 16 | 10:30-11:30 AM | C.C.1.4

PUZZLE X provides a world class showcase for frontier materials and a platform for visionaries to explore what is possible with those materials, with the ultimate goal of maximizing societal impact. TTIP Global are ‘The Technology Commercialization Experts’, providing the tools, real world guidance and a global innovation ecosphere that helps advanced materials inventors turn their technology into practical reality.

In the latest step of our journey to help the advanced materials community turn innovation into impact, TTIP Global directors, Prof. Andy Wynn and Jim Hick, are excited to publish their new book, ‘Building an Innovation Powerhouse’ (Routledge), a guide to how organizations can maximize the potential of their people to address the fundamental barriers holding back commercialization of their new technologies, by ‘building an innovation powerhouse’ that will drive growth in any business, by guiding the reader through five key aspects;

1. Culture – how to guide an organization to work holistically to create the right working culture to support innovation and create the future of your business
2. Teams - how to ensure collaboration is laser focused on business growth
3. Individuals - what people can do to become more creative and contribute to business success
4. Diversity – how to develop the broad mix of skillsets, backgrounds and viewpoints necessary for your business to become more innovative
5. Leadership - what business leaders need to do to ensure that all levels of the business are heading in the right direction and delivering growth

This 60-minute event will focus specifically on ‘Building a Culture of Innovation
Participation limit: Meeting Room (ca.30 people)
Facilitators: Prof. Andy Wynn and Jim Hick

Target Audience:
Corporates in Advanced Materials and related sectors
• CEO's/CTO’s who wish to help a part or whole of their company grow by developing new technologies and commercializing them into new markets and geographies.
• CTOs, HR Directors and other decision makers who wish to develop their people and create a culture of collaboration and innovation. Startups/Scaleups in Advanced Materials and related sectors•

Founders who wish to apply to join TTIP's global networks.
• Who require support to grow and develop, expand geographically, or need training for the founding team and company leadership.

Investors who specialize in supporting the growth of Innovative Technologies• Who are looking for an experienced partner to help support the growth and development of their portfolio companies.
• Who need help to expand or to bring their portfolio companies' technology to a broader range of customers and markets.

Senior academics who lead research groups
• Who are looking to develop their team working culture and enhance their ability to work with market facing companies to exploit their inventions.

Aims of the session – what will Puzzle X participants gain from the event?
By joining this session, Puzzle X participants will gain a blueprint for successful development of their innovation culture, allowing them to begin to address the fundamental people barriers holding back commercialization of their technologies.

Objectives: Participants will:
• Interact with at least 2 other participants in the room.
• Be energized and excited and take away at least 3 actions they can apply to make their business an “innovation powerhouse’’.

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Pitch session

Investor pitch session | X-Pitch

Who can attend: Only open to investors

Nov 16 | 1:30-3 PM | C.C.1.4

X-Pitch is the first dedicated start-up event to highlight innovations in Frontier Technologies & Materials Deep Tech. Though a unique process & in partnership with "Peach Score", X-Pitch  streamlines the investor/startup engagement tailored specifically for Frontier Materials & Materials Deep Tech companies.
This 2-hour session is specially curated to give startups the opportunity to pitch their technology in front of an international panel of investors US to Europe and Asia. Selected startups will have the opportunity to give a brief pitch + a 3-minute Q&A.
In addition, startups can engage directly with investors at the a 1-hour networking session where all startups attending PUZZLE X can connect with investors, find new leads and gain maximum exposure.